Truly a life-changing experience!

My daughter spent a few hours with Kristen as an engagement present. This was the best gift that she could have received! My daughter has some stomach issues and needed to learn how to cook healthy recipes that would feed her system and help her to heal her gut. Kristen was filled with ideas and spent the time cooking with her and teaching her along the way. She also shared many practical ideas on how to run an efficient kitchen. Kristen made healthy cooking easy and fun. My daughter also left with a list of “must have” products for her registry. Truly a life-changing experience! I would highly recommend spending time with Kristen in her kitchen. Thank you Kristen!
– Jean Ryan

We all learned so much

Had a delicious day with my girlfriends at My Whole Kitchen! Thank you, Kristen Streit Gayman. Everything was so wonderful and we all learned so much from you!
– Jill Douglas

It’s also perfect for people with families

Illinois peeps, if you are looking for a fun, healthy, informative way to cook for your family, Kristen Streit Gayman is the gal to know! I attended one of her cooking classes today and all the food was amazing! It’s also perfect for people with families and she’s tested all the recipes on hers already.
-Amy Beyer

Healthy and simple recipes

Kristen at My Whole Kitchen is amazing–and so is her food! Her passion for helping others get healthy is contagious! I was fortunate to recently attend one of Kristen’s introductory cooking classes. I was a bit nervous, since I had never really cooked and only recently mastered grilled cheese for my kids. During the class, she showed us how easy it was to make healthy alternatives to not-so-healthy store-bought items like salad dressing, spaghetti, meatballs, rice, etc. Kristen shared healthy and simple recipes that I can’t wait to replicate in my kitchen. My husband and I are looking forward to having Kristen join us in our kitchen to teach us healthy and clean cooking.
-Nikki Learakos

Greatly improved health and well-being

I’ve been working with Kristen Gayman to change my perspective on healthy eating and have found it to be extremely informative and beneficial. I’ve struggled for many years with IBS issues due to my autoimmune disease. Since I’ve started working with Kristen, I no longer plan my morning around my intestinal issues that have been consuming me for as long as I can remember. As a result of changing my diet and making healthy food choices I’ve learned what my body needs to function optimally. The guidance and suggestions Kristen has made, have greatly improved my overall physical health and well-being. I would strongly suggest signing up for one of Kristin’s classes to learn more about making healthier food choices. You will find that Kristen’s passion for healthy cooking is very inspiring!
-Glenna DeGaetano

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